Launching of Tonga Skills Training Videos

8 July 2020

Today, Tonga Skills celebrated the launch of three sets of training videos – a positive outcome to support community economic resilience in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and associated restrictions in Tonga. These videos will be made available free and online to the public under an innovative and flexible method of training delivery accessible to all. In the event of a national lockdown, the videos can be used to reach individuals in their respective homes and communities, including in Tonga’s outer islands where it can be more difficult to reach vulnerable communities with much needed support.

As part of the launch, Tonga Skills was pleased to officially hand over the videos to its partners, the Ministry of Education and Training (MET) and the Tonga National Qualifications and Accreditation Board (TNQAB).

Dr Steen receives training videos from Australia’s Deputy High Commission to Tonga, Mr Nicholas Murphy

“To ensure Tonga is provided with the skilled and competent manpower needed for sustainable development, these videos will provide extra learning resources for secondary school students as a means of obtaining relevant skills, and introducing them to possibilities of establishing their own businesses. These training videos can be used to complement students’ curriculum work,” said Dr Tangikina Steen, MET CEO.

The production of the videos is part of the Program goal of delivering good quality training activities that are inclusive, flexible and deliver economic and social benefits. The training focus and implementing staff were selected based on their previous successful engagement with communities through Tonga Skills.  The training modules are in high demand amongst community groups and have achieved an overall increased incomes and self-esteem for participants who have completed them.

Launching of Tonga Skills training videos at the Ministry of Education and Training on Wednesday 8 July 2020.

Each training segment is 15 – 35 minutes in duration and focuses on a key topic within the short course (including in food safety, handicrafts and Tapa printing). Two of the trainers, Mr Tevita Pola’apau and Mrs Huahulu Ha’unga, have met quality assurance criteria and are registered by TNQAB. TNQAB recognises these and various other community education programs and non-formal learning in Tonga as valid, responsive to the needs of the community, and in accordance with Tongan values and practices. The third trainer, Mr Lopeti Filo, is currently applying to TNQAB to also become a recognised community education training provider.

The training videos are available to view through the Tonga Skills website, .

There are three sets of trainings with five video series each, as follows.

  1. Tapa Printing – Trainer, Mr Tevita Pola’apau

Video #1 – Brief history of Tapa Printing

Video #2 – Planning process

Video #3 – Tapa Preparation

Video #4 – Printing Techniques

Video #5 – Final Process (Colouring and shading)

  1. Product Design – Trainer, Mrs Huahulu Ha’unga

Video #1 – Pekepeka Earrings

Video #2 – Sei Ngatu

Video #3 – Pekepeka Bracelet

Video #4 – Brooches

Video #5 – Pricing and displaying of products

  1. Food and Safety – Trainer, Mr Lopeti Filo

Video #1 – Food Safety Part One

Video #2 – Food Safety Part Two

Video #3 – Food Handlings Part One

Video #4 – Food Handlings Part Two

Video #5 – Food Handlings Part Three

Tonga Skills is an Australian Government investment, working in partnership with the Tonga Ministry of Education and Training and the Tonga National Qualifications and Accreditation Board to support inclusive economic growth through skills development in Tonga.