Skills uplift the economy and livelihood of people on Ha’apai

On the island of Ha’apai, fishing, weaving, and farming are the major sources of income for most families. However, in more recent times, the impact of climate change on the island caused by extreme weather events has led some people to look for innovations and variations on traditional work to

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Plumbing skills provide financial security in Vava’u

The people of Vava’u island are known for their excellent farming skills and great produce. Most people are involved in agricultural or fishing-related jobs to provide for their families, but many are starting to look at other sectors in which they might earn a good living. “When I was introduced

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Training develops a legacy in seed saving and vegetable growing

On the island of ‘Eua, farming is a well-known source of income for many families. Adding further skills and knowledge to existing farming practices will contribute to a more prosperous farming community throughout the island and generate extra income for families. “If there was anything significant, I have learned from

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During November 2020, Tonga Skills staff in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Training (MET) and the Ministry of Trade and Economic Development (MTED) conducted consultations with industry representatives in the four island districts of Tonga to hear their views on skills gaps in their sectors. As the program

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Tonga Skills launch Moodle online training videos

On Friday 23 October 2020, Tonga Skills for Inclusive Economic Growth will launch three skills training courses on Moodle, an online learning management platform, which is being used to organise and present these instructional videos produced earlier in the year. The production of videos to deliver training was in response

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Building Business resilience through coaching and skills training

  The Tonga Skills business development strategy involves working closely with businesses through coaching and business management, address skills gaps and support business growth. One business that has recently participated in business coaching is ‘Esiaola Quality Furniture. This long-established wooden furniture manufacturer makes everything from beds, to benches, bookshelves and

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Launching of Tonga Skills Training Videos

8 July 2020 Today, Tonga Skills celebrated the launch of three sets of training videos – a positive outcome to support community economic resilience in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and associated restrictions in Tonga. These videos will be made available free and online to the public under an

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Fisi'ihangale community group of Popua village after completion of wood carving skills training

Wood Carving Skills for Building up Handicraft Business

On 15 May 2020, the Australian High Commissioner to Tonga, H.E. Adrian Morrison congratulated 10 participants who completed a two-weeks skills training on wood carving and making carving tools. The training was facilitated by Tonga Skills in collaboration with training provider, Mr Steven Fehoko, in response to a training request

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tonga skills team

Trained industry coaches ready to engage with Tonga’s business market

Congratulations to 10 (ten) industry coaches who have been trained by Tonga Skills to address the demand for coaching services in specialised areas across a range of industry sectors in Tonga’s business market. These coaches were identified through their previous engagement with Tonga Skills, and invited to participate in two

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